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Designer Futures prepares the next generation of leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


A values-based consultancy network established in 2002, we provide advisory services that explore future landscapes, leverage emerging opportunities and create pathways to our clients' future success. 


Our 'designer' approach ensures each client has a unique program to deliver results that last. From futures thinking to strategy development to practical implementation, we have a track record of helping organisations and communities develop and realise their potential.  




Anita Sykes-Kelleher

Anita Sykes Kelleher is an experienced futurist and strategist with a passion for helping organisations and communities design and create their futures. 

Building on her extensive advisory experience with international, corporate and government divisions of Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Anita launched Designer Futures in 2002 and for the past fifteen years has earned a reputation as a trusted authority to public, private and non-government organisations in Australia and internationally. 


Anita has been engaged as a consultant and adviser to UNESCO on capacity building programs in foresight and social inclusion towards achieving the UN SDGs. She has worked in 34 countries, pioneered unconventional approaches to policy and planning, and transformed the incumbent thinking embedded in world water systems to shape UN scenarios for the future. 

Anita's expertise in strategic foresight and community engagement has shaped leading organisations and award-winning projects that have achieved lasting results. Using a blend of proven methods and experimental, leading edge approaches, she brings a transformative, participatory approach to creating options for the future, developing strategy and policy, and building resilience in organisations and communities. 



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